List of required texts:

    July 2_ Unit 4-2: Division and it’s Overcoming--CHEN Yingzhen

    1. “Loyalty and Filiality Park” [忠孝公園] by CHEN Yingzhen [陳映真]

    July 3_ Unit 1-2: National Cultures--Rabindranath TAGORE

    2. “Nationalism” by Rabindranath TAGORE

    July 4_ Unit 2-1: Gandhism and Maoism--M. K. GANDHI

    3. Hind Swaraj (Chapter 1-14 and 17) by M. K. GANDHI

    4. “Final Encounter: The Politics of the Assassination of Gandhi” by Ashis NANDY

    July 5_ Unit 2-2: Gandhism and Maoism--MAO Zedong

    5. “On Protracted War” [論持久戰] by MAO Zedong [毛澤東]

    6. “In Memory of Norman Bethune” [紀念白求恩] by MAO Zedong [毛澤東]

    7. “Serve the People” [為人民服務] by MAO Zedong [毛澤東]

    July 7_ Unit 3-1: Asia as Method-- TAKEUCHI Yoshimi

    8. “Asia as Method” [方法としてのアジア] by TAKEUCHI Yoshimi [竹內好]

    9. “Overcoming Modernity” [近代の超克] by TAKEUCHI Yoshimi [竹內好]

    July 8_ Unit 3-2: Asia as Method-- MIZOGUCHI Yuzo

    10. “China as Method” [方法としての中国] by MIZOGUCHI Yuzo [溝口雄三]

    July 9_ Unit 4-1: Division and it’s Overcoming--PAIK Nak-chung

    11. “Making the Movement for Overcoming the Division System a Daily Practice”
         by PAIK Nak-chung [白樂晴(백낙청)]

    12. “National Literature, the Division System, and Overcoming Modernity: Some
         Fragmentary Thoughts”
    by PAIK Nak-chung [白樂晴(백낙청)]

    July 10_ Unit 1-1: National Cultures--LU Xun

    13. “Story of A-Q” [阿Q正傳] by LU Xun [魯迅]

    14. “Diary of a Madman” [狂人日記] by LU Xun [魯迅]

    July 12_ Workshop on Conceptualizing the Political in our Time: Day 1

    15. “Against Corruption = Against Politics” by Partha CHATTERJEE

    16. “Our Corruption, Our Selves” by Arjun APPADURAI

    17. “Specialization of the Rural: Reinterpreting the Labour Mobility of Rural Young Women in Post-Mao China” by YAN Hairong

    18. “Peasant cultures of the twenty-first century” by Partha CHATTERJEE

    19. "Neo-liberalism and Democracy" by Prabhat PATNAIK

    20. "The Necessity of Corruption" by Shiv VISVANATHAN

    July 13_ Workshop on Conceptualizing the Political in our Time: Day 2

    21. “Embodying the Sexual Limits of Neoliberalism” by Sealing CHENG

    22. “Penumbral Visions: Neo-Liberalism, Sexual Commerce and the Case of Indian Bar Dancing” by Prabha KOTISWARAN

    23. “Law Reform and Movement Building,” and “This is a Protest not a Parade!" by Dean SPADE


    *For the following texts, please click on the hyperlinks:

    -Walden Bello. “Thailand’s Edsa 2: from civil conflict to uncivil war?”

    -Walden Bello. “Does corruption create poverty?”

    -Davide Torsello. “The Ethnography of Corruption: Research Themes in Political Anthropology”